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//Silent Crusader\\ [entries|friends|calendar]
///Silent Crusader\\

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[10 Apr 2004|02:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I've moved everyone.

My new Livejournal is


Please add me over there if you like :3

ALSO... I have a new AIM screen name..If you would like it ask me and I'll be more then glad to give it to you.
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Haha so the Dead DO return x3 [05 Aug 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Okie ive decided to start this whole LJ up again..cause my close freind Trin-San was kind enoufe to give me a code in the frist place o_o;

Oke so lets get down to buissnus here :D
This journal WILL be ..


I'm to lazy to make a banner right now o_o;

So um wanna know about me? o_o probably not but i dont care xD

Okie My names :: Kristen

I'm:: 17 --;

I Love:: Anime and manga...my favoirte manga is Dragon Knights (as you can tell o_o;)

I also love:: Video games and drawing o,o my favoirte game is Guilty gear XX and all the other Guilty gear series *spazzes much* I might post my drawings also o_o

I listen too: POWER METAL OWNS ME!! My favoirte bands are..NightWish..Rhapsody..Within Temptation...Syhompny X...Kamalot...THY-MAJESTIE IS THE BEST...Lucca Turilie...And anything else i forgot o_o;

Okie now im VERY FREINDLY and love new freinds ^^
The only basic rule is comment and i'll add you back o-o;
Allright ^^;

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